Natural or fake beauty?

By natural I mean either no make-up or very little, real hair, nails and skin tone

By fake I mean full on face of make-up (not just a bit of lipstick, like loads of eye make -up, contouring) fake tan, eyelashes, nails, hair extensions, cosmetic surgery, etc.

Just curious as i opt for the more natural look but most girls my age go for the more fake look, so wondered which is deemed more attractive?

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  • it really depends some girls can pull of the natural look and actually look better with just a little light makeup than girls with full blown makeup. so it really depends on the girl i think. Men tend to like the natural look with light makeup at least for me anyways…

    • I mean from my perspective, I think you can appreciate a woman’s real individual beauty when she has little make up.

    • exactly!! and makeup is really just false advertising and the girl is not going to bed with all that makeup so it best to choose a girl that has no makeup or little makeup because you know she will be pretty no matter what <3

  • whatever floats the person’s boat. i really don’t mind either way, even tho i would rather be with someone who has a clean face just because it seems less bothersome.

  • Work what you got. If you are a 10 with out make up more power to you if you need to get dolled up to look like a 10 well you’re still a 10. And if you’re am not a 10 and are ok with it guess what you’re prefect the way your are and anyone that appreciate that is better off for it and the one’s how don’t F them

  • Natural all the way and for me it also includes tattoos and piercings. I love the all natural ladies. Not the fake ones.

  • I prefer natural beauty because imho, I think many people who have natural beauty look really cute.

  • Natural for me best thing is to waking up seeing sleeping naturall face

  • Natural is always better. Makeup and clothes are accents. Not the main show

  • I like the Natural look on a girl.

  • I love a girl who is natural w the exception of armpit hair. But seriously most men don’t give a damn about that, all that makeup, hair bleaching, etc., is a competition between other women. It’s one thing if we’re going out for something special, a little makeup is fine but taking 2 hours a day to put on a clown mask is ridiculous. The sad thing is a lot of women’s insecurities are played on by all these magazines on how to land a man, how to make him happy, do this, do that. When in reality we’re very simple, most women don’t think so cause I think biologically women just over analyze things when all you have to do is think like a simpleton when it comes to us men lol

  • Women care more about their makeup and their friends makeup than any man ever will.
    We don’t give a shit, and most of it looks terrible anyway. Special occasions are one thing, but if you need to spend an hour each day on it- you’re just lying to yourself.

  • Who TF would prefer artificial over nature?

    • I know thats how i feel and i hate it when i see people ruining themselves like that picture. I just wondered if some people actually find that attractive

  • I’m obviously all fake, so I can’t really vote for the natural one. I’d go for something in the middle, though.

  • My job requires me to wear a full face of makeup (maybe not to the extent of super dark eye shadow and bright red lipstick – I work front desk in an accounting firm) but on my days off and weekends I literally do not touch the stuff

  • I say natural, but I think it’s funny how all the girls who are popular on social media get plastic surgery and get everything done, I wish we weren’t so insecure

  • It doesn’t really matter. Fake, if done right, looks better natural. If you have natural beauty, fake beauty will make you look like a goddess.

  • At first, Fake look attracts me more but then they look ordinary by the time.
    It is exact opposite for natural look.

  • Natural, there’s beauty in simplicity.

  • I like the fake look.

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