chronique fatigueAre you constantly tired? Well, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue. There are a number of reasons why you could be suffering from this problem, and Im here to tell you why.

Here are 14 reasons why you might be finding it hard to keep your eyes open.

Youre not consuming enough iron.

Iron deficiency can cause you to feel weak and tired. So if you want a little boost in energy consume meats that are heavy in iron, I guarantee this will help you throughout your day. However, dont go taking a bite out of your cast iron pans and pans. I can guarantee that wont help you in the slightest, but I bet your dentist will prosper from your misfortune.

Youre skipping out on getting some exercise.

Getting exercise revitalizes your body, sending oxygen and nutrients to places that need it. This in turn will help you stay awake and be more active. Exercising three times a week for twenty minutes each time will improve the way you feel significantly.

You tend to stay up late on the weekends.

This is a problem for almost everyone. You work hard all week then stay up late on the weekends. This is understandable, but it may be the reason youre tired all the time.

You eat a lot of junk food.

Eating too much of a bad thing could cause you problems. One of those problems being the lack of energy you have. This is a result of your body not getting the proper nutrients it needs to function.

You blow things out of proportion.

Stressing over every little problem can cause more problems than you imagined. This is very unhealthy for you. Sometimes its better to just take things as they come. Freaking out about every little thing could cause serious harm.

You skip breakfast.

Many people do not realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is where you get most of the energy youre going to need to get through the day.

Youre not drinking enough water.

This is a big problem with most people. They constantly consume liquids that do nothing for them. Water hydrates your body. Dehydration can cause you to feel very tired, and cause blood to pump less efficiently.

You find it hard to say no.

Say no to anything you know you shouldnt be doing or eating. This will help you feel better about making unfavorable decisions.

Your office is messy.

This is an indication that your mind is cluttered. Organize your things in order to keep you on track and focused. After all youre a product of your environment.

You check your e-mails before bed.

Dont open yourself up to the outside world before you go to bed. This will cause your mind to race, often keeping you up longer then anticipated.

You work through your vacation.

Your relaxation time should not be interrupted by anyone or anything. Its as simple as that.

You like to have some wine before bed.

Many people think this is a good idea. Well, its actually not a good idea. Alcohol can produce an adrenalin effect, which in turn can keep you up. Stop drinking 3 to 4 hours before bed.

Youre a perfectionist.

This can be a problem for many people. They are constantly trying to be the best they can be, this is rather exhausting. Trying to out do yourself everyday isnt healthy for your body or your mind.

Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine.

Stop consuming so much damn caffeine! This is definitely a reason for your constant tiredness.

Take these 14 reasons into consideration next time youre feeling overly tired.


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