Your face can reveal many thinks, like if you are too worried, stressed or have an imbalanced diet. Here we are going to show you what your wrinkles say about you:


Horizontal wrinkles point to excessive concern and in young people they can indicate to extreme consumption of sugar, dairy products, vegetables or animal oils and fats. If you have two vertical lines between the eyebrows, then you have anger or repressed anger, which can be showed through impatience, frustration or boredom. If you have wrinkles are to near the root of the nose that means that you are very concentrated or you are worry too much.


Straight lines on the cheeks are a sign of continuous stress. Nasolabial wrinkles (the one from the root of your nose to the top of your mouth) show your real age and are known as life lines. If these lines are deep, and you are less than 50 years old, maybe you need to settle your life and purify the body. Also this can be connected with colon cancer.


If you have small vertical lines above the upper lip, than this can mean excessive concern – maybe it’s time to invest in you. Commonly there are also some short wrinkles of frustration, which fall away to the jaw from the angles of the lips. If you have small vertical lines below the lower lip, than this can mean disappointment and anger in your life.


You can hardly see the vertical lines on the chin among younger people. They are associated with rational or irrational worries. Sometimes, the skin on that part look like an orange peel.


If you have wrinkles that appear on the corner of the eye and go upwards, then you are very happy person, but if you have one that go downwards, than this is a sign that you are confronted with more sadness than happiness.

Every wrinkle tells your fate

Wrinkles on your face demonstrate our years, but obviously they expose our character, destiny, health, and whether we are meant for success. These are the fundamentals of physiognomy, the science that associates the facial features with the character. The Chinese studied this more thoroughly.

See what the outlined wrinkles say about your destiny:

Sign of resourcefulness

If you have two or three horizontal lines that cut the forehead than you are a lucky one. This is usually a good sign. Forehead with two wrinkles can be seen in successful and capable people. Three lines on the forehead mean a good sense for art and a reflection of literary talent.

Sign of popularity

People who have long continuous lines that pass across the forehead, forming a large arc are the popular one. They have deep respect from the surroundings and have a big circle of friends. This kind of people can gain enormous fame and live a long and happy life with no worries.

Sign of an unfortunate destiny

One vertical and deep line in the middle of the forehead can be a good sign. It is known as “hanging needle” between the Chinese physiognomists. The line shows a danger to personal safety or a threatening for bad relationships between spouses. But, some people have the so-called compensatory features, like classic perfect eyebrows, eyes and nose that can help the person escape from bad luck. “Hanging needle” can often be found in people of high standing, members of the government, and between actors, which says about their great potential.

Sign of success

If you have two short parallel lines between the eyebrows then you may have big success in management, industry and culture. These kind of people are both thinkers and are well organized. They have everything what they need for a bright career.

Sign of ambition

People with three straight lines between the eyebrows can quickly climb to the top of the social scale. But if the three vertical lines are broken, this can lead to mental disorders and crimes.

Sign of happiness

A horizontal line going through the middle of the forehead is a sign of great and honorable life. People who have this line are successful in all fields, particularly when they are young. But if this line is too close to the eyebrows, it can be a sign for a possible troublesomeness in the teenage period.

Sign of fame

If you have unusual lines on the forehead in the form of a diamond then you are blessed with long life and fame. These lines are characteristic for writers, artists and related professions.

Sign of disease and negative life events

Tinny, short and irregular horizontal lines on the forehead are connected with bad health, doubt and unwilling character. Even if they have the preferred position, these people remain very annoyed.

Sign of bad luck in love

Three vertical lines under each eye, may lead to unhappy marriage that ends in divorce.

Signs that can determine the sex of your children

If the pregnant woman has short wrinkles nearby the upper and lower lips, it is likely that she will have a son. If there are no such lines, then she may have a daughter.