Ovarian cancer I often discovered in late stadium and that’s what makes it deadly. This type of cancer is called “the silent killer” because it hard to detected. Most women are not aware of having one because the symptoms of ovarian cancer in the early stages are very often linked with other diseases and usual no one wants to think of the worst in first place.

A persistent symptom is what makes ovarian cancer different and distinguished from other diseases. However many women do ignore these apparently not dangerous symptoms. Therefore if these symptoms are still there after prescribed medication, seek advice from your doctor straight away.

Pressures, pain, abdominal bloating, are common symptoms of ovarian cancer.

On the other hand as a woman you possibly will often feel bloated after eating some food or before your period and it is also an early symptom of ovarian cancer. If it happens this bloating still to be present after 2 weeks don’t think twice and go to the doctor. Bloating can also be connected with constipation, indigestion, improper nutrition and alike gastrointestinal issues.

One more ordinary ovarian cancer side effect is often urinating. The primary thing that specialists often diagnose this sort of manifestation as urinary tract infection, yet in the event that the side effects are still there after the treatment, seek advice from your gynecologist.