You would proudly discuss how you got the sore throat but it would be thoroughly embarrassing for you to discuss that you have not pooped since a few days. In reality, constipation is not something you need to be embarrassed about. In fact, you need to take some potent action against it so that your body doesn’t encourage toxin buildup. It is true that when nothing strikes in your mind all you would want to do is go to the medical store and buy a laxative. But before you do that, just try the natural remedies for constipation and see how it helps you.

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Natural Methods to get rid of Constipation

Combination of olive oil and lemon:

Olive oil is very good in its properties. It can make digestive system work in the better way. You can take 1 teaspoon of olive oil and mix 1 teaspoon of lemon in it. Try this combination and if you feel it is not working much then try to increase the quantity. It will surely give good results. It will give you freedom from digestive issues too.

Combination of flax seeds and orange juice:

Both orange juice and flax seeds have potential to fight off the digestive problems including constipation. Take 1 glass of orange juice with pulp and add to it 1 tablespoon of flax seeds. Keep it as it is for 4-5 hours and after that you can drink it. It will boost your digestive system and finally you will get relief from constipation.

Aloe juice:

Aloe Vera juice has the power to make your immune system amazing. Yes, it also keeps your digestion in the tip top condition. If you are constipated then you should take 1 glass of aloe juice everyday. Try this in the morning with empty stomach and you will surely get wonderful results.


You can take moderate quantity of prunes. They have amazing laxative properties. But just be careful that you don’t take it too much. It might cause gas. Prunes are rich in sorbitol and this will really help you in getting rid of digestive issues.

Have yogurt:

Yogurt is rich in good bacteria which are required for good digestion and bowel movements. You should have one cup of yogurt everyday and this will really help you get a perfect health.

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Rather than using a laxative, you should first try the above mentioned home remedies and they would surely give you some amount of relief from the health condition. All the above mentioned remedies have no side effects and they really help you become completely fit and fine. If you have a good digestion then you will be able to stay fit for a longer span. Most of the issues happen due to toxin buildup in the body due to constipation. So, if you have not pooped for a few days then first you got to try the natural remedies.

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