Modern women have a huge advantage over the older generation of their grandmothers in the selection of cosmetics beauty, as the range of cosmetics, which are offered at credstar advertising, the Internet, and just in the form of a gift of stock, well, a very large and diverse, which leads to confusion and complete dismay.

But despite the seemingly huge range, quite hard to find individually appropriate cosmetics, but still respecting the principle of price-quality – safety.

Unfortunately quite often, yielding to the influence of advertising and buying expensive beauty products we can be disappointed and not surprising, because we are all individual. In addition, the development of the composition of cosmetic products is carried out in the institutes of cosmetology and scientific laboratories often with the use of artificially created ingredients.

So we have to think what means to trust and which not and doesn’t purchased a cosmetic beauty and health in General.

Interesting is the fact that our grandmothers given a choice of continuing to use only traditional recipes of beauty transmitted from generation to generation and not by accident.

Traditional recipes of beauty have a lot of advantages . here are some of them:

Safe for health. Folk remedies for the care of body,hair and nails created by nature, not by scientists in laboratories and therefore not practically capable of causing harm to health and beauty, respecting the dosage and timing of application

Natural. Raw materials which are used for treatment in folk medicine and in the recipes of folk remedies beauty is a herbs and their derivatives (leaves, stems, inflorescences, buds, roots, petals, seeds, bark, fruits, etc.), individually and in combination of different herbs (fees). The decoctions, infusions and compresses this raw material is used for the treatment of many diseases of the skin, hair, nails and body in General

Ease of preparation and use. Recipes folk remedies you can prepare at home, easily and spent little amount of time

Accessibility and cost savings. Raw materials (herbs and their components) can self-assemble in the area where they coverage or buy in the pharmacy at affordable prices

A noticeable result. The use of popular recipes for body care has a positive impact almost from the first days of application

Promote weight loss. In addition, there are folk recipes for weight loss, which remain as effective as advertised trendy means of slimming.

Undoubtedly of advantages of popular recipes much more, but we have listed the most important. And here is how to prepare and apply grandma’s traditional recipes of beauty, will be discussed in this section.