Insomnia, excess weight, allergies, headache, acne, joint pain, depression and fatigue, all these symptoms indicate a toxic imbalance and overload. Health specialists’ link weight gain and belly fat with toxic accumulations in the liver.

This organ has two main functions – to cleanse blood and metabolize fat. Overworked and fatty liver leads to gaining weight and some other health issues.

If you are stresses, than fatty cells release the stored toxins and cause cellular damage, and the liver can’t process these amount of toxins. Toxins are generally stored in muscle tissue, brain tissue, cell membranes and nervous tissue.

“Gaining weight is directly connected to the natural weight control system” – explains Dr. Paula Baillie – Hamilton. This system gets loaded and poisoned with chemical that enter in our body through the food we eat, all skin care and cleaning products and the environment that surrounds us.

Dr. Baillie-Hamilton explained the link between toxic modern fat epidemic and the synthetic chemicals in her book, The Detox Diet – Eliminate Chemical Calories and Enhance Your Natural Slimming System.

Toxin obstruct the working of the liver and affect its role in burning fat. One of the healthies natural way to protect your body from toxin accumulation is detoxification. When you eliminate the toxins, you will also remove the fatty deposits. Try this detox drink and enjoy its great results.

Detox drink – Recipe

1/3 tsp turmeric

2 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. honey

12 oz. water

Mix well the ingredients and consume this drink every day. You can share your results and help someone who may use the benefits of this detox drink.