This method is simple and effective to try in order to find out if your heart is in good condition and functioning as it should be. This method was found out by a group of medical researchers. The method is simple and you have to do is to touch the tips of your toes. If you are able to manage this and you’re flexible enough to do this, well it’s a good sign for you meaning your heart is still pretty in good condition.

Late studies in the Heart and Circulatory Physiology journal clarified that by testing one of the parts of the body (toes), a man can discover if his heart is sound or not, even amidst a Christmas season. This is what you have to do: in the first place, you have to sit on the floor with feet stretched out forward and toes indicating up. At that point attempt to connect and touch the tip of your toes with your hands. In the event that you are sufficiently flexible to touch your toes this implies your heart is sound and in good condition.

Medicinal specialists from the University of North Texas with their associates from Japan included 526 participants from 20 to 83 years of age. The members in this study needed to take after a basic test of adaptability of the body while they had their circulatory and blood pressure measured, the arteries and heart movement. All things considered, the specialists have observed that individuals over 40 with not so flexible bodies likewise had rigid arteries. The general number of the participants who couldn’t reach the tip of their toes had inflexible veins and expanded danger of heart diseases. The ones that did not pass the tests truth be told, they have inflexible veins, and means the capacity of the heart to function properly is lower and dangers of coronary illnesses are more likely to occur.

Lead researcher Japanese Dr.Yamamoto says:

“To touch your toes while sitting straight means your heart is working legitimately. In any case, on the off chance that you can’t, it might be better to visit a cardiologist.”

In any case, Dr. Yamamoto likewise says that rigid muscles don’t imply that you’re experiencing a coronary illness – it might simply be an indication that the heart is less sound than some time recently. We truly look forward you find this article accommodating and bear in mind to impart this article to your loved ones.