The thyroid is an organ located in the neck that and play a key role of discharging hormones that control the whole digestion system. It likewise controls other functions such as breathing, focal and peripheral sensory nerves, heart rate, body weight, menstrual cycles, body temperature, muscle quality, cholesterol levels and even more.

The thyroid uses iodine from the blood in order to create many hormones; however the two noteworthy ones are triiodothyronine and thyroxine. A lot of these hormones cause tension, touchiness, anxiety, sweating, shaking, male pattern baldness, and missed or light menstrual periods. Too little causes, sleep deprivation, weakness, trouble concentrating, dry hair and skin, gloom, affectability to cool, substantial periods, and joint or muscle torment.

Thyroid cancer is quickly expanding in the US. (American Cancer Society) Some experts accuse the increment in thyroid tumor to the additional chemicals that are added in foods. The thyroid just sucks up these chemicals with the iodine and all the poisons causes the disease.

Much the same as with breast cancer, there is a self check for thyroid.

Watch the video before figuring out how to self check the thyroid at home!