Things aren’t made they way they used to be. Geeze that makes me sound old! But I stand by that statement. Things made half a century ago are just durable. Take this Vagabond featured at Little Things. Just because it was built in 1953 doesn’t mean it is falling apart or is anywhere near needing to be retired. In fact is almost perfect! See for yourself.

It may have looked abandoned from the outside but someone was obviously caring for it and keeping it in tip top shape. Everything in this traveling trailer is vintage. And not just ‘modern’ vintage, authentic vintage! I love it’s butter yellow color. The robin’s egg blue fridge too.

is a list of 26 things that also used to made better. Lol. At least according to TRSslyder’s ‘Old Man.’ I don’t know about a lot of these. I think a lot of them are the same but I do have to agree on number 17.

Take a peek inside this vintage trailer here…;