Here is a recipe which is ideal for people you have excessive fat. Sadly, nowadays, due to the fast way of living, the lack of exercise and the poor diet, the increased fat in the blood is very common disease.

It is a pretty common case that the increased level of fat in human organism to appear on the eyelids or some other part of the body in the form of yellowish color.

Over time, the walls of the arteries thicken and lead to cardiovascular diseases which are one of the main causes of death worldwide. Additionally, there are other factors that influence and cause these type of diseases, including smoking, nicotine, and alcohol.

If you have increased levels of fat in your blood and in your body in general, we recommend that you try this really efficient remedy.

The ingredients you will need for preparing this remedy are:

Dried figs

Apple cider vinegar

How to prepare it:

Prepare this remedy in the evening and consume it the next morning. Prepare it by piercing three dried figs using a toothpick. After you have pierced them on all sides, put them in a glass bowl and add 4/5 c of apple cider vinegar. Let the ingredients stay like that during the night and eat the figs the next morning.

You do not have to throw the apple cider vinegar away. You can use it again for the following seven days. The eighth day take new 4/5 c of apple cider vinegar and repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

A month later, make a blood test and see if this remedy has been efficient.