Study shows which brand names to pick.

There is no doubt that almonds were once among the healthiest fruits on Earth; there are lots of wellness perks of almonds. But prior to you get almonds today, here is something you must understand: a lot of the almonds offered in the U.S. have been fumigated with propylene oxide, a chemical that the CDC has actually linked as a source of cancer cells.6

In 2007, it became prohibited for raw almonds to be sold in the U.S. What caused this legislation was a break out of Salmonella in Canada that was traced back to an almond farmer in California. The California Department of Health Services stepped in, and helped this gardener increase the safety of his almonds.

Yet a second unusual episode of Salmonella took place shortly after, and also a number of government firms got together to mandate treatment to get rid of the Salmonella episodes. If you believe just how strange it is that Salmonella would happen in something as dry as almonds, you are not alone.

To accomplish a dramatic decrease of salmonella, almonds had to be treated in some of these means:

  • Exposure to warmth sufficient to raise the temperature to 200 degrees
  • Insertion of the bits right into a closed chamber to be fumigated with propylene oxide gas

This took place really quickly, and also lots of little and midsized almond gardeners were pushed out of business by the cost of the compliance. The outcome is that the once-thriving almond industry composed of numerous little gardeners has actually been drawn away to huge corporate almond manufacturers.

As it played out, almonds offered as natural are usually treated with the warmth process to attain a kernel temperature of 200 degrees. Those not identified as organic are fumigated with propylene oxide gas, as a general rule.

This suggests that almonds sold in the U.S. have been treated in one of these ways and also thus have lost a lot of their life-enhancing residential properties. The only possible exceptions are almonds shipped from one more nation, and almonds sold in small amounts directly from the farmer at neighborhood markets or roadside stands.

The Danger of Propylene Oxide

Propylene oxide (PPO) is outlawed in Mexico, Canada, and all of the E.U. In the U.S., it has actually been prohibited by both the American Motorcycle and also the National Hot Rod Associations, where it had been used as fuel before the risks of its noxious fumes became apparent.

Propylene oxide is categorized as hazardous to health and wellness under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification as well as Labeling of Chemicals, for its severe poisoning, ability to cause irritability, and also its mutagenic and carcinogenic properties.

Which Almond Brand is the Best? Study Shows…

Food Identity Theft did some research study on preferred brand names of almonds sold both waiting as well as online. They found that:

  • Costcos Kirkland Signature chocolate-covered almonds in addition to their whole almonds are fumigated with PPO.
  • Planters brand almonds (now possessed by Kraft Foods) are warmth dealt with.
  • Diamond of California almonds are treated with PPO airing out.
  • Blue Diamond almonds differ. Sliced and also slivered almonds are warmth dealt with, while their whole-nut organic line is treated with PPO. Other Blue Diamond products including almonds might make use of steam-treated almonds.
  • Whole Foods Market 365 brand name is a concern. There is an organic 365 line that is almost certainly warmth dealt with, as well as a traditional 365 line that may or could not be.
  • Back to Nature almonds are heat dealt with.
  • Superior Nut Company almonds are gassed with PPO, with the exception of their natural almonds offered online, which may be imported and not even based on being warmed to a temperature of 200 degrees.
  • Trader Joes says all the almonds offered under their name are heat treated.

There are many various other nut businesses whose therapy choice is unknown, and there is no chance to understand how almonds utilized as an element in other products were treated.

What We Have Lost

The stringent criteria now in position for almonds could protect a few people from salmonella, but it assures chemical poisoning for all of the countless folks eating almonds treated with PPO. The treatment critical for almonds are a disaster in light of the many wellness perks they supply, consisting of:

  • Lowering complete cholesterol levels and also improving LDL to HDL proportion
  • Protection against diabetes, heart attack, weight gain and obesity
  • Stability of blood sugar degrees and prevention of hypoglycemia
  • Provision of high quantities of magnesium, the mineral in which several Americans are deficient
  • Improvement of intestinal health and wellness via prebiotic action that urges valuable digestive tract flora to grow
  • Abundance of trace minerals that are necessary co-factors for production of superoxide dismutase (SOD) a powerful anti-oxidant made in the mitochondria
  • B vitamins necessary for recycling glutathione, one more antioxidant made in the physical body

The bottom line? Reasons that made the almond a premiere nut could not exist. Maybe its time to recognize other nuts that have not yet really felt the heavy hand of federal government.