Dr. Johana Budwig was a biochemist from Germany, and during the 50s of the 20th century she proved that the blood of the people who are suffering from cancer is deficient in some vital elements, like phosphatides and lipoproteins. When they are not around the cancer cells are growing and multiplying rapidly.11350137_854102394677892_1175434699_n

As she states the fatty acids with at least 18 carbon atoms in the carbohydrate chain can handle the problem. These fatty acids are included in flax oil, which is not tolerating heating or processing because it will change its chain composition.

Our diet often includes ingredients with shelf life, while they are processed they arent in the group of healthy products anymore,-claims Budwig.

Flax and flaxseed oil have potent anticancer characteristics, but they also stimulate the blood vessels that became weak and delicate, particularly in the people who suffer from cancer. Flaxseed oil combined with cottage cheese in a homogenous composition will give maximum results. With this combination there will be more useful elements and provides the transport of these elements to the impacted cells.

Make a mixture of three tablespoons of flaxseed oil and 4.4 oz or 125 grams of cottage cheese and whisk it well until you get a homogenous composite. Consume this mixture twice in a day. The flaxseed oil can cause stomach uneasiness which means many patients will need time to get used to it. You can start with one tablespoon and then increase the dose step by step to three tablespoons.

The recipe can be used by everyone as a preventive remedy, or in patients who are suffering from early-stadium cancer. Although Dr. Budwig did not recommend using traditional remedy along with conventional therapies, many people healed themselves by using both chemo and this basic recipe.

This recipe is not made to give a useless hope, instead it is meant to aid in the harsh battle against cancer. It is your choice if you will use this remedy or not, anyway, you have nothing to lose.