Turmeric is one of he most valuable and most healing spice in the world and in India it is called yellow gold. Not only for kitchen. Ayurveda is recommending turmeric for cosmetics also. People know a lot about benefits of turmeric for face beauty. In Ayurveda they are called UBTAN. Turmeric is general ingredient in Ubtan, and there is a really simple recipe for face peeling which is better than some expensive peeling in healing the face skin.Untitled-1

Doing exfoliation with turmeric will profoundly clean your skin, remove the dirt and dead cells from the skin. Also it will help the blood circulation and relieves acne. After than the skin will be glowing and the natural pH value will increase. You can make home exfoliates so dont buy any with dace additives. I love having store on Ayurveda beauty team. Because of this I can inspire you to make your own beauty products that are very cheap in your home. Skin care should be keeping your entire heath, not only for beauty. We are putting almost everything on our skin, and in 20 minutes it is in our blood steam. We can protect ourselves with using cosmetic, but also we can induce misbalances in our body. Thats why we are offering this special natural cosmetics.

Turmeric Face Peeling Mask

12 tbsp turmeric

2 tbsp flour (Vata oatmeal, Oitta chickpea flour, Kapha barley flour)

You will have to mix the powder with water before using to get a mixture which you will put on your face. Rub it on your face and neck for a couple of minutes. After this wash your face. You can use some herbal oils (almond, oat, hazelnut, coconut etc.) instead of water.

Make sure to carefully wash your face after using this powder. Turmeric has natural yellow color and you dont want your face to have yellow blemishes. Thats why it is recommended to use before showering.

People with dry skin can put some elderberry flower. People who have oil skin can put coriander powder or lavender flower or some fresh lemon juice. And people with normal skin can put some rose powder.

Try Ubtan, and if you like the effect of the powder, you can make more of it and place it in the bathroom. Every morning take 2-3 tbsp and some water and wash your face with it.