The Best Beauty Supplements

The Best Beauty Supplements


The Beauty-Approved Treats InStyle Editors Can't Get Enough Of


When there are more superfoods than Meryl Streep Oscar nominations, it’s tricky to know what to feast on first. Thankfully, these snacks are not only power-packed with effective nutrients, but also deliciously indulgent. Read on for the InStyle beauty team’s favorite treats.

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    “If I eat enough of these gummis, will I become Jennifer Lopez? Probably not, but I have noticed my skin and hair have been looking a lot healthier after the few months I’ve been taking this formula. The directions say to eat two per day, but I end up eating anywhere from four to six.”

    -Marianne Mychaskiw, Associate Digital Beauty Editor

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    When it comes to taking supplements, the energy level I’m willing to put forth hovers somewhere near negative seven. But even I can handle adding a scoop of The Nue Co. Skin Food + Prebiotic ($75; to my water bottle. The powder is totally tasteless, but filled with skin-boosting proteins and friendly bacteria that improve digestion. Not to mention the fact that its minimalist packaging is super-duper chic.

    – Dianna Mazzone, Beauty Editor

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    “I am not a morning person. “Breakfast” for my 2 kids as we all rush out the door is not an Instagram opportunity in my house. Anything they can grab and go and still qualifies as healthy? That’s a big win for me. Nutshell bars are made daily, they’re all organic and my kids love them. Their favorite is the PB+B which has nuts, flax seeds, dried bananas and a yummy layer of organic peanut butter. If I cut up some fruit to go along with it, I feel like a full-on domestic goddess.”

    -Selene Milano, Senior Digital Beauty Editor

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    “First, it’s dark chocolate, and I have a big sweet tooth. But apart from the delicious taste of these raw, organic dark cacao squares, they’re actually made with plant-based phytoceramides, which work to keep moisture sealed into your skin, restoring your barrier protection, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles in the process. It also supposedly supports your collagen production, which obviously means youthful-looking, glowy skin.”

    -Victoria Moorehouse, Digital Beauty Editor

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    “These are the most delicious vitamins you will ever eat. If all vitamins tasted as good as Olly’s I would probably be better at regularly taking them. I keep a container of the Goodbye Stress ones on my desk for days when my workload is heavy. They’re infused with a blend of GABA, L-Theanine, and lemon balm which help you feel zen, but not sleepy. I eat them like candy, which they are not.”

    – Erin Lukas, Beauty Writer

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