Mushrooms are a unique food. Although many classify them as vegetables, they do not belong to the plant, or animal, but a separate kingdom (fungus) and were revered for centuries for their beneficial effects on health.4117506-742631-shiitake-mushrooms

In the old days, the mushrooms were so valuable, that the ancient Egyptians believed that mushrooms diet prolongs life. In Japan, shitake mushrooms are used by samurai as a special food to regain strength, and have traditionally been used as a medicinal agent. Modern research confirms that ancient cultures were not far from the truth. Of the 100 species of mushrooms that are studied in terms of their anti-cancer properties, six of them proved to be exceptionally in this regard.

Good for the immunity

The study on mushrooms has shown that in many ways they encourage the immune system. For example, it was found that long-chain polysaccharides, particularly beta-glucan molecule and alpha glucan, represent one of the major curative factors of mushrooms. One study indicated that the addition of one to two servings of dried shitake mushrooms in a weekly menu significantly effects positively on strengthening and balancing the immune system

For maitake mushroom has been proven to contain a component that stimulates the immune system in patients with breast cancer. It has been shown that peptides, lectins, laccase, proteins from mushrooms and other compounds significantly stimulate immunity. But not only that, other research shows that mushrooms have a direct anticancer

Anticancer properties

A Japanese study conducted on animals revealed that mice suffering from sarcoma had a direct benefit from consuming extracts of shitake mushrooms. Six mice tumors were completely withdrawn. And when they increased the concentration of the extract, in all ten patients, there was a regression of the tumors.

In Japan, as part of traditional medicine mushrooms used as an alternative treatment for the treatment of cancer patients. One of them is shitake, and the other is a fungus whose Latin name Agaricus subrufescens, also known as Agaricus brasiliensis and Agaricus blazei.

When used for treatment the maitake mushrooms extract, combined with vitamin C, reduced the growth of cancerous cells in the bladder by 90%. In some cases, this combination completely kills the cancer cells. It has been shown also that the lentinan, compound contained in the shitake mushrooms, increases the percentage of survival in patients with cancer.

Any way, it is useful for those who are looking for an easy and natural way to strengthen their immune system, and engage diet foods that helps prevent malignancies.