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Chocolate is probably number one favorite food, but is also number one for the brain?

A recent study shows remarkable result. In matter in fact chocolate is so good for your brain and its functioning improving it even as you age and better that any aerobic exercise.

In any case, youd need to eat a ton of it NO, similar to, a disgusting sum to each one of those rashly licking their hacks. Were talking about one kilogram of perfect cocoa powder, or, in the event that you lean toward the essence of candy bars like Twix, Butterfinger as I do, around 44 pounds of chocolate treat each and every day, as per Oxford University Press. That is a ton of sugar intake.

The study which was published in Nature Neuroscience and conducted by scientists from Columbia University and NYU, who gave to a group of healthy people ranging from 50 to 69 year olds, a daily dosage of flavanols from cocoa powder.

The group of people was divided to two and each given different doses of flavanols. To the one half was given a small dose of flavanols, and the other half a large dose, for three months of period.

After that the study showed that those taking high doses had higher memory function scores than those who got a low dose

In any case, the older individuals brains didnt advantage at all from working out which appears a bit suspicious, in light of the fact that its exceedingly conflicting with the heaps of other writings on this subject.

Nonetheless this study can give you a relief and enjoy your chocolate even more or in moderation from time to time, if scientists can ever agree on where they stand.