Stay Healthy With Supple Skin This Winter

Skin care tips for winter from Sonia Dakar. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons/ Emperor of America)

With the onset of New Year, the winter has also started approaching gingerly by showing off its worries in the form of manifestations in the skin as the lips have started becoming rough and the overall skin has gradually grown dry with the withering winter effects.

Even though the detrimental lifestyle effects of New Year parties and celebrations have died out, the extremely adverse winter has forced us to add on to the already increasing list of stress and anxieties with the addition of the winter worries related to the skin, reported Latest Today News.

In this regard, Sonya Dakar, the thirty-year experience beauty and skin expert has come up with some handy solutions to People. She has one of the best beauty clinics of the world and her eminent clientele includes some of the most celebrated personalities. Her beauty products are famous for developing and enhancing the beauty factor of the individuals today, especially, the Organic Omega Booster is one of the most loved beauty products by the celebrities.

However, of late, she has given some useful skin care tips in order to keep the skin from going desiccated and coarse due to the unpleasant effects of winter. Some of these are mentioned below:

Doing away with dead skin

It is essential to scrub off the dead skin portion from the skin with the help of scrubbers based on gel-versions and non-abrasive creams. However, it is always wise to keep away from the exfoliating scrubs completely.

Sonya Dakar stresses on part-by-part or ‘multi-masking’ skin treatment with the help of customized treatment for different parts of the skin. This means using oil-absorbing mask for the T-zone where as using hydrating mask for the other parts of the skin.

Instead of thick creams, it is advisable to use body lotions or body oil in order to take appropriate care of the skin during winter. Well with the above-mentioned tips from the finest beauty expert, a splendid skin can be flaunted even in winter.