What is your favorite sleeping position?

The sleep is a delicate matter. How long you should sleep? Is it better to sleep on your stomach, your back or on your side? In which position you will snore?2

Luckily, The Huffington Post has made an infographic (which you can see below) explaining the good and bad sides of every sleeping position. Read carefully the tips in this article.

  1. On Your Back

This position is good for your back and is also known as starfish position. This position is reducing to minimal the folding, skewing breasts and acid reflux. But, this position stimulates and worsens snoring because of the positioning of your head in this position.

  1. On your Side

This position will ease the snoring and assist in better circulation, also this position is advised for pregnant women. Anyway, when the body is in this position for longer period of time, you will feel pain in the shoulders and the hip because there is a pressure on them, particularly the side that is down. Because your body is crumpled, folding and breasts skewing is possible to occur.

  1. Face Down

This is one of the positions against snoring. Thats because your heads position is on one side of your face, which leaves positive effect on decreasing snoring. But, because of the spines position, you may feel some neck and back pain and even rigidity. If you have bigger belly the negative effect on the spine will be larger. There can be some folding and breast skewing because the mid allotment is smashed against the bed.


On the other hand, if we leave aside your most desirable sleeping position, you will have less pain and improved sleep if you complement your body with a pillow. If you are sleeping on your back you can put a small pillow under the arch of your spine. If you are a side sleeper you can put pillow amidst your knees, and if you are sleeping on your stomach you can place the pillow under your hips in order to uphold the ankles and provide them complete and painless relaxation.

Every individual has its own preferable sleeping position which has its own good and bad sides. The main and the most important thing is to be able to fall asleep and sleep for the regular amount of comfortable hours. Your body will get many various health benefits with enough and quality sleep.