Happy Thursday!  I’ve got an easy run scheduled today along with a lot of random things to get done before we leave for California tomorrow to take Brooke to visit her dad.  I hope your day is a fabulous one and that you get in a good sweat.  I’m talking about something today that I found is so helpful for us and I think you are going to love it too!  This post is sponsored by !  Thank you for supporting our fam and our awesome sponsors.


It is so awful to have a sick child and not know where to go to get them checked out.  I keep trying to convince my brother who is an ER doc to move to our area and be our doctor for everything but he hasn’t agreed to doing that yet;)   Until he agrees to come be our doctor for everything, we are constantly needing to find different doctors for all of our different needs.  Things are only going to get crazier because I would love to be able to have two more children.  I finally convinced Andrew of how great an idea that is.

There are so many things that have brought us to a medical provider over the last few years—>  Pregnancy, Skye’s birth, Brooke had a problem again with torticollis last year, all of my GI problems in 2015, pink eye, HFM, Fifth’s Disease, UTI, wellness visits, vaccinations, Andrew’s hypertension, ear infections, sinus infections, IUD/Pap Smears, physicals and running injury maintenance/prevention with my chiropractor.   If our kids are anything like Andrew and his siblings were growing up (five boys and one girl that love a good adrenaline rush), there are still many doctor visits up ahead for us ha.

From our favorite time being around doctors recently:

When Andrew and I got married he was a really good example of going in to the dermatologist often to stay up on his skin’s health which is SO important.  His family has a history of skin cancer so he has always been really good about getting things checked out.  I decided I was going to follow his lead and go to a new doctor to get my skin checked out.  Long story short we really didn’t like that doctor and had to go back to square one trying to find a different doctor.  Finding a new dermatologist involved looking at a ton of scattered reviews and making a lot of phone calls trying to figure who accepts our insurance (ps self-employed insurance is the worst).  It was a headache and a slow process trying to find the right doctor for us.  I’m sure you have experienced that too.  Eventually we did find one that we liked. She found an area on my back that needed to be removed so I am so thankful that I went in and had that taken care of.  I wish that the whole process could have been a lot smoother and seamless but it definitely wasn’t!

Now I am on the hunt for another doctor, a new .  My last one moved in January.  We are pretty sad about losing him.  He was such a good doctor!  He not only delivered Skye but also two of my sister’s kids too.

This sponsorship opportunity gave me a new avenue to find medical providers that are right for us in our circumstances.  I was so excited to try it out!  Zocdoc is the #1 place to search, compare and book doctors online for free.

My favorite part about is that you get to skip making all of the phone calls and being on hold forever.  You book your appointments on the .  Some other things I really love about Zocdoc are Check-In and , which let you fill out your medical forms online and upload a photo of your insurance card through the Zocdoc app to verify your plan and share the details and your paperwork with the doctor’s office before you go in to your first appointment.

With Zocdoc you can look at all of the different based on .  These reviews can only be made by people who have seen the doctor themselves.  It makes it so easy to find a doctors’ availability based on where you are located, what type of doctor you need and if they take your .  It saves a ton of time to find the right doctor for you and then to book your appointment.  No phone calls necessary (HALLELUJAH ha).

I love that you can read all about the doctor’s background in addition to the when searching for the right one for you.  It’s so nice to be able to set different filters to make it easier to search and find appointments that work for your schedule.  The  will send you reminder for upcoming visits, includes a well guide that also helps you stay on top of your different appointments such as making sure you are getting your regularly, your , etc.  This is something I have needed big time because it’s hard to keep track of making sure everyone is getting in to their different appointments each year!

I hope you all stay healthy (NO MORE RUNNING INJURIES PLEASE) and feel well this year.  When you do need to see a doctor, to make the whole process of finding a doctor so much easier and stress free so you can take care of your health!


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