When it comes to Rihanna and her personal style, which is, largely, about not giving a f**k, it’s sometimes easier to just let the looks speak for themselves. 

Because her get-ups usually do. With a naked dress here and a naked dress there, the self-appointed bad girl marches to the beat of her own drum (in a pair of eight-inch Giuseppe Zanottis, mind you). So we can’t tidily peg her aesthetic to one specific category. But what we can do (and what we love doing) is catalogue our favorite looks. (Well, that and dutty wining to “Work” at our desks, of course.)

In the slideshow ahead, you’ll find what makes Rihanna tick: This includes everything from a Versace choker to a pair of Uggs. If it’s distressed, oversized, dip-dyed, and/or covered in sequins, you can bet she’s already worn it. See how in the 30+ images here, and then see if you can come up with any idea of what she’ll do next.

styleThe only thing that could make this outfit better is if she was performing Seal’s “Fly Like An Eagle.”

styleSometimes, a bad girl has to take a break and get in touch with her softer side. Here, Rihanna is coquettish in Armani Privé.

styleFresh from gyrating on Drake onstage, Rihanna accepts her applause in Balmain trousers (and a smile).

styleConverse high heels. That’s all.

styleIn her own FENTY Puma designs, RiRi brings a goth vibe to the black carpet.

styleIt’s not a tea-length Snuggie; it’s a hoodie. A hoodie that has just enough pockets for all of your remotes, er, essentials.

styleNot even Rihanna can deny the comfort of an Ugg boot.

styleQuel drame!

styleThat jacket needs to find its way into our closets sooner rather than later.


At a party to celebrate the cover work for her album, ANTI, Rihanna goes all Matrix on us.

styleWe’ve never seen prints clash so harmoniously.

style“Who, me?”

styleStunting in Dior, as a bad girl does.

styleRiRi meets Wilma Flintstone in an episode of Dynasty.

styleWe’re calling this the “robe-and-go.”

styleRipped sweatpants that offer up a phenomenalbreeze on the thigh and knee region.

styleThe Vetements hoodie that started it all…

styleThose shoes.

styleThis outfit looks perfect for a Sunday afternoon trip to the mall — or, in Rihanna’s case, the club.

styleFrom the ultra-mini to the no-shirt suit styling, this is a bad gal look if ever we’ve seen one.

styleServing off-duty looks all the way from the airport.

styleYour denim babydoll dress just got a veryexpensive upgrade.

styleThis outfit is all of us.

styleWe feel like Scary Spice would have worn this back in the day.

styleGo big? Nah, go biggest.

stylePonchos are back and, by the looks of this one, comfier than ever.

styleRemember when the internet put Rihanna and this Guo Pei dress in a frying pan?

styleWhen hard work had to be done to bring all of the ’90s back, Rihanna certainly pulled her weight.

styleShoulder cleavage is happening, and we’re into it.

styleWhen your coat doubles as a dress.

styleIntroducing: Professor Rihanna (lab coat by Raf Simons).