We can’t wait to channel our inner bad gal in Rihanna’s makeup line this fall! 

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty won’t hit Sephora shelves until September 2017, but the beauty boss is already showing us what to expect from her inaugural line. 


Although she didn’t reveal the exact products used on her peachy lids and blush-toned cheeks, we can assume that there will be plenty of neutral shades in what’s being dubbed “the new generation of beauty.” 

Those paying close attention to RihRih’s Instagram know that this Paris-set slay isn’t the only Fenty Beauty preview on the red carpet. Earlier this week, she also tagged the beauty brand in a photo from the London premiere of her film. 

With the launch date looming near, we’ll probably be getting more Fenty Beauty sneak peeks, including a look at the Global Makeup Artist selected to represent the newly launched brand. The search began in February, when Fenty Beauty’s PR team announced that they were looking for an expert to join Rihanna’s newly formed team. 

We’ll be keeping our eye on the brand’s official website and Instagram page for more details. 

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