When you are facing some ankle issues it can be very frustrating. You will do anything in order to get free from the pain and maybe you have tried various ways already. If they didnt prove as successful then you should try the following recipe that will do great job for your legs, back, ankles and neck.1

What You Need to Do

For making this amazing recipe you should get 150 grams of gelatin (the edible kind). It is not too much, this is the required amount that will last for a month. Add 2 tablespoons or five grams of gelatin in 14 cup of cold water. Whisk the mixture and leave it to stay through the night. Dont put the composite in the fridge because the gelatin will turn into jelly.

How to Take the Recipe

You can consume it after waking up, but keep in mind that you should consume it on an empty stomach. If you cant tolerate the taste, then you can add a little bit of honey, juice or more water to the composite. A little bit of sour cream or yogurt could be added too. In fact this recipe is very divers, so you can add anything you like.

Within one week you will barely feel your back, neck or legs ache. This is very good for you if the pains disallowed you doing some activities, like work or playing sports with your friends. Continue with the consuming your gelatin for one month. Once you run out of your gelatin or a month has passed since you started with the treatment, you can stop drinking the composite. After six months, you can iterate the same process. It will lubricate your ankles, which is very helpful and is a prevention from appearing some ankle aches again.

Why is This Effective?

Probably you are in the group of people that are skeptical about the effectiveness of this composite. Although your doctor never advised you to use gelatin for this kind of problems, this remedy is very efficient. Gelatin is derived through the processing of the livestocks connective tissue, which may contain collagen, bones, vessels and cartilage which are in their purest form. Gelatin includes two forms of amino acids, hidrosiprolin and proline which are helpful in recuperation of your connective tissues.

Gelatin firms your ankles and your heart muscles too. It also assists in bettering the metabolism and the mental capacity. Vessels and ligaments, with a proper intake of gelation, will become more flexible and stronger. It will disable development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.