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Ramadan Special: Stay Healthy With This Diet Plan

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Muslims around the world fast from dusk to dawn during the holy month of Ramadan. The month is about disciplining the body and soul and fasting plays an important role in that.

But, fasting throughout the day can sometimes take a toll on you as it can lead to dizziness and fatigue. Moreover, the traditional Iftaar meals are very heavy and high on carbohydrates, which results in weight gain. In such a situation, maintaining a healthy balanced diet becomes a necessity.

This year, Ramadan falls in the month of May. With the mercury rising, one things that should be kept in mind is the keeping yourself hydrated. One should try to include as much fluids (water and juices) as possible in the Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftaar (meal which ends the day’s fast).

Here are some diet plans for the Suhoor and Iftaar that might help you stay healthy.

1. A bowl of porridge with milk, one slice of toast and a handful of unsalted nuts.

2. Wheat-based cereal with milk, a plain scone or crumpet and an apple or banana

3. A bowl of shredded wheat or muesli and a pear or orange

4. Cheese and one teaspoon of jam with crackers or toast, and a handful of dried fruits

1. Pitta bread with chicken, salad and hummus and one or two pieces of baklava.

2. Chicken with boiled rice, vegetable curry and mixed salad, followed by fruit salad with single cream.

3. Fish baked with roasted vegetables, or fish curry with rice followed by sweet vermicelli or one piece of jalebi (an Indian sweet).

4. Pasta cooked with vegetables and chicken or fish, and a slice of plain cake with custard.