Does breakfast really well for a healthy body? The sure shot answer for this question is “Yes”, but if you feed your body with healthy and right food. Eating healthy breakfast recipes is essential for the health of body and mind. Your first meal of the day gives you energy and provides fuel to the body which is required to stay active and recharged for the whole day.

Eating a giant bowl of chocolate cereal or the highly refined foods is not going to have the right impact that you are looking for a healthy body. Instead, make sure you have a healthy breakfast rich in fiber, calcium, protein and nutrients to set yourself up for a great day ahead. Options are endless, when it comes to healthy, quick and simple breakfast recipes.

Hey breakfast lovers, Good news for you. No need to limit those delicious dishes to the morning hours. Expand your horizons and try out these healthy and quick breakfast recipes. Easy to make, rich in nutrients and quick to serve, enjoy these easy breakfast recipes.

1. Oats Idli: Experience the goodness of light idli prepared by oats and light up those boring mornings. First dry roast the oats on Tawa and then powder them in mixer. Add chopped chillies, mustard seeds, turmeric powder and grated carrots and fry them for a minute in a frypan. Add this mixture to oats mixture and add the curd and salt to it. Mix it properly and add more curd to achieve the desired consistency. Grease the idli steamer and pour the mixture into each area. Steam it for 15 minutes. Once done remove the idlis and serve them hot with chutney.

2. Dal Ka Paratha: Stuff the left over dal in dough and roll out the healthy and nutrition rich pranthas.

3. Moong Dal Cheela: Here comes one of the best nutrition packed healthy breakfast recipes – Moong Dal Cheela. Whip up the batter made up of moong dal, paneer and veggies inside. Soak the dal for whole night. In morning grind the mixture in mixer and add salt, paneer and veggies to it. Make the desired consistency batter for cheela. Heat the tawa and pour the batter over it. Dab some ghee over it and flip it over to cook. Serve it hot with mint chutney or curd.

4. Rawa Upma: Suji halwa cooked with the fresh vegetables, lentils, spices and curry leaves. Adding some grated coconut over it makes it an impeccable breakfast meal.

5. Poha: One of the easy to prepare breakfast recipes of your much required nutrition, heaped with subtle flavors. Cook pressed rice with some of your favorite veggies, spice up and season it to perfection.

Let’s have a look at some simple egg recipes for breakfast:

6. Loaded Scrambled Eggs: Pack this healthy dish with onions, cheddar, tomatoes and peppers for a healthy start to the day. Heat olive oil in a pan and add some veggies to it with salt and pepper. Add eggs to it and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Keep stirring, add cheddar and cook again for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and serve it with bread.

You can even go for boiled egg sandwiches and bread omelet for a healthy start of the day.