We have the right solution for you if you have any problems with kidneys, urinary tract and/or bladder – when it comes to above problems drinking that will make you feel better.

One of the most vital organs in our body are the kidneys. They eliminate harmful substances that enter the body by filtering 200 liters of blood on a daily basis.

The prime enemies of the kidneys are animal protein, soft drinks, genetically modified foods, synthetic sweeteners, caffeine and cigarettes.

You need to drink water in large quantities in order to cleanse the kidneys, but once in a while it is good for you to consume the following drink.

Ingredients needed:

1 Kiwi

1 Banana

Juice of half a lemon or lime

½ a cup of nuts

½ a tablespoon of parsley

1 cup of water

Process of preparation:

Place in a blender all of the above ingredients and mix them. The lemon, you firstly need to squeeze the juice from it and then add it in the blender (not the whole lemon).

Drink this beverage every morning before breakfast on an empty stomach.