Well, we are not big fans of wheat for a whole list of reasons, but if you like wheat and want to eat it we have a very tasty recipe for you, and we are sure that you’ll love it.

This is a no – knead bread. Which is amazing, because one thing that puts many people off is the effort required for kneading. Alexandracooks put together a great tutorial which includes not only great detailed instructions but also photos every step of the way.

Alexandra from shares her love for her family and cooking in this well crafted recipe that will likely be in your recipe box for years, maybe decades.

“When in any situation, i would be forced to pick one and only one recipe to share with you, than it would be definitely this one — my mother’s peasant bread — I am serious. Ending the blog after this very post would in fact be almost OK, resting assured that you all had this knowledge at hand, retiring altogether from the wonderful world of food blogging. This bread will just change your life said Alexandra.” So try it and share your experience with us!