These no-bake healthy tarts are filled with vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. A unique and delicious on-the-go breakfast!

One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh berries and fruit that come with it. My in-laws have strawberry and raspberry bushes that produce the absolute best ever berries. I’m pretty excited to try some this season and to see if the babe can figure out how to pick his own.

He’s not the biggest fan of strawberries lately, but he adores raspberries. Except the sour ones – he always spits those ones out leaving bright red stains in the most convenient of places. 🙂

Fruit tarts topped with fresh fruit (especially berries) are a favorite dessert around my home. There have been quite a few different fruit tart type recipes on the blog so I thought it was about time there was a healthier fruit tart. Healthy enough to eat for breakfast!

I took my base recipe for these no-bake healthy breakfast cookies and slightly changed it to make these fruit tarts. It’s pretty close to the same recipe, but instead of rolling the “dough” into balls, they are formed into a small tart cup. You can easily make the shape by placing a ball into a miniature muffin tin and shaping it into a tart cup.The centers are filled with Greek yogurt – my favorite flavor is vanilla Greek yogurt, but really any flavor can be used. If you are just picking one or two types of fruits, you could pair the fruit flavor with the yogurt flavor. I’m definitely thinking some raspberry yogurt with some of the fresh raspberries from my in-laws’ bushes. Now that is going to be a delicious breakfast 🙂

Vanilla yogurt has a lot more flavor than plain yogurt in my opinion and it pairs well with all kinds of fruit – apricots, blackberries, blueberries, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, mango, etc.

I made a note in the recipe, but just to elaborate a little bit here… This recipe was tested with both a store-bought almond butter and then a natural/homemade/grittier almond butter. In my opinion, the store-bought almond butter tasted the best and yielded the best results. For the homemade almond butter, it was a lot thicker and required less oat flour – only about 1/2 tablespoon while the store-bought almond butter required 4 tablespoons.

If you are unsure what type of almond butter you are using, leave out the oat flour at first. Mix all the ingredients and then if it is too wet, add in the oat flour slowly until a “dough” forms that is easily shaped and holds up in a tart form. If you are using the store-bought version and still find it too dry with all 4 tablespoons of the oat flour, you can always add in a little bit more almond butter to form the perfect consistency that will build your beautiful tart. These tarts are super easy to mess around with to get just right for you!


{No Bake} Healthy Breakfast Fruit Tarts


  • cupcreamy almond butter*
  • tablespoonshoney or agave nectar
  • teaspoonvanilla extract
  • Pinch of saltoptional
  • cuprice krispie cereal
  • cupoat flourregular oats that have been blended in the blender
  • cupold-fashioned oatsnot cooked
  • Vanilla or different flavored Greek yogurt
  • Fresh fruitchopped


  1. In a small bowl, combine the almond butter and honey. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir until smooth. Add in the vanilla extract and salt.

  2. In another bowl, stir together the rice krispie cereal, oat flour (oats that have been blended or put in a food processor until they resemble flour — measure AFTER blending and not before), and old-fashioned oats.

  3. Pour the almond butter mixture over the dry ingredients and mix until well combined. If it’s too wet, add in some more oat flour and too dry, add a bit more almond butter.

  4. Form balls and then press the balls into a miniature muffin tin. Press your finger into the middle to form a tart. Carefully remove the tart from the mold.

  5. Fill up with vanilla flavored Greek yogurt or your preferred flavor.

  6. Top with fresh fruit and enjoy immediately.

Recipe Notes

*I tested this recipe with a creamy store-bought almond butter (Jif brand) and a natural homemade almond butter. The store-bought almond butter needed the oat flour to form but the homemade almond butter did not need all of it. Depending on what type of almond butter you use, you may not need all (if any) of the oat flour. If you are unsure what type of almond butter you are using, leave out the oat flour at first. Mix all the ingredients and then if it is too wet, add in the oat flour slowly until a “dough” forms that is easily shaped and holds up in a tart form.

Recipe adapted from my no-bake healthy breakfast cookies and inspired by Sally’s Baking Addiction.