Reykjavik| The international squirrel community has shown yesterday in Iceland that it might definitely have put aside all it’s racial bias and usual discrimative habits, as it chose for the first time an albino female as the world’s cutest teen squirrel.

The new beauty queen, a two year old from Austria named Sexy Grettël, has already become a symbol of integration and mixity, bringing hope to squirrels of all minorities that racial discrimination might finally be a problem of the past.

“Albino squirrels have gone a long way over the last two centuries” explains squirrel rights activist, James O’Sullivan. “After centuries of slavery and decades of segregation, they might finally be admitted as full members of the community. They will obviously have to vanquish many demons left over by the traumatism of all these years of mistreatment, but there is great hope for the future.”