Migraines are the worst form of headaches because they can cause upset stomach and a ringing in the ears.

Everyone can experience a migraine at one point in their life. Women are more prone to have migraines, and it usually comes strictly down to genetics.

You don’t have to bow to the king of headaches.

Here are some at home remedies for curing a migraine:

  • Try eating feverfew leaves daily. Eating a leaf of feverfew every day has cured headaches since the 1970s, according to herbalists. Feverfew can be purchased at health food stores, and it can also come in freeze-dried capsules.
  • Turn off the lights. Find a dark and quiet room to lay down. Place a cool, damp cloth on your forehead and close your eyes. Most migraine suffers are sensitive to light, so keeping the lights off should ease the pain.
  • Pressure points will help. Try pressing your fingers against your temples. The pressure should decrease the flow of blood through the arteries and can bring some relief.
  • Try to avoid wine and chocolate. Too much red wine, coffee, and chocolate can cause a migraine. Also, some birth control pills, irregular sleeping habits, and although coffee can start a migraine, caffeine withdrawals could also be the cause of one.

Some historians believe that Jefferson (1743-1826) probably had migraines for most of his life. His writings speak of headaches that lasted as long as two weeks, such as after the death of his wife, Martha Skelton, in 1782, and when a British warship fired on the American ship Chesapeake.

Note: Please consult your health care provider about these remedies and their professional advice.