If somebody told you that his doctor gave him medicine loaded with an extract of graviola against colon cancer you would not believe him.11637827_854599131294885_1247474072_n

You think that this cannot happen in conventional medicine, but a study led in 1996 proves that ingredients in graviola (Annona muricata) are more than 10 000 time effective than pharmaceutical medicaments.

The study was directed on a graviola seed where the fractionation obtained compounds, one of which, (cis- annonacin), had a particular cytotoxic movement on disease cells of the colon, and it was 10,000 times more grounded than the pharmaceutical medication adriamycin.

Adriamycin is the exchanging name of doxorubucin and is known by the epithet red demon due to the extraordinary red shading and the unpleasant reactions, including life-debilitating or even lethal ones in harming the cardiovascular system. Its absence of specific cytotoxicity the capacity to decimate just cancer cells, yet not the healthy ones- is the thing that makes adramycinot so dangerous.

Then again, it is the first decision in the treatment of different cancer sorts for about half century.

The distributed study demonstrates 10,000 times more grounded effectiveness of the graviola seed than the pharmaceutical cures against cancer.

There is also little research that has been done on the effect of the graviola against cancer. Also there is study from 1999 which showed that graviola is also good against prostate and pancreas cancer, and another study in 2002 showing that it is great against liver cancer as well. But none of them are promising as that of 1996.

At that point, in 2011, a study was distributed which uncovered the promising research on the effect of graviola against breast tumor. The specialists found that the concentrate from the graviola stifles the outflow of oncogenes (genes that cause tumor) in cell and animal models of breast cancer.

Oncogene known as a receptor of the epidermal development component (EGFR) is normally excessively communicated in breasts cancer and its over- expression is connected with awful guess and medication resistance, making it a perfect focus for the advancement of treatments.

Mice that got 200mg concentrate of graviola per kilogram of sustenance in their diet for five weeks had a huge decrease in protein expression in breast disease. In general, this organic fruit has the capacity to lessen tumor development by 32%, which implies it can have a defensive impact against EFRG in breast malignancy.

Generally, studies led in animal and human models that confirms this study are gone, so we hope that they will be realized. So until then we will believe in the power of nature. For instance, this plant that develops in South and Central America is known as great cure for more than three thousand years.

The fruit, leaves, roots and bark has been used as sedatives in traditional medicine. The Indian and South American healers are using graviola to cure asthma, heart issues, liver disease, and arthritis and to remove parasites.

Today in Guyana the leaves are used as tonic for heart and as sedative. People in Brazil drink graviola tea to get rid of liver issues and rub with oil from its seed to cure arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

In Western India and in Jamaica, this fruit is used to reduce fever, and to treat diarrhea.

There are more than two thousand assortments of these plants around the world. Many of them can be great source of additional drugs for humanity. We think that further studies will give this plant the right place in modern science.