For the majority of my twenty-three years of living, I refused to wear a speck of makeup. When I did, it was only for very special occasions. However, I came across a beauty youtuber, Jaclyn Hill and my life changed from there. I made a complete 360, and have gone makeup crazy. I’ve always been in love with playing in lipstick, but now I’m in love with playing in eyeshadows, glitter, highlighters, etc. I have these ladies to thank. (This list is in no particular order.)


Best of Both Worlds Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @MakeupShayla     Vlog/Youtube Channel: MakeupShayla

Why She’s a Favorite: Shayla not only does makeup tutorials, but she does weekly vlogs. When I came across her channel, it was because she was mentioned by a couple of other youtubers that I follow. She is entertaining and does a hell of a job with her makeup. Plus, I can learn more about what works for women of darker complexions from her.


Glowing Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @NikkieTutorials     Blog:     Youtube Channel: NikkieTutorials

Why She’s a Favorite: Nikkie is hands down in my top three favorites. She is funny, humble, beautiful on the inside and out, and she is all-around amazing. Her makeup challenges are what drew me in, but her personality keeps me coming back. The moments where she allows herself to be vulnerable are so relatable. I just love her. Plus, her glow… enough said.


Most Entertaining Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @LarLarLee     Blog: Laura Lee Los Angeles     Youtube Channel: Laura Lee

Why She’s a Favorite: I am relatively new to watching Laura Lee. She did a video with MannyMUA and Jaclyn Hill, and that is how I came across her channel. She is easily one of my favorites, plus I love when she pulls out her really southern accent. Out of all of the channels that I follow, she posts most frequently. There is never a boring video that I have come across. Plus, she has the widest range of videos/information of all that I follow.

Jaclyn Hill

Boss Babe Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @JaclynHill     Blog:     Youtube Channel: Jaclyn Hill

Why She’s a Favorite: Jaclyn Hill was introduced to me (not in person) by a couple of my classmates. One of them raved about her tutorials and palette, so I thought I’d look into it. She was the first youtuber that I actually subscribed to. Not only is she entertaining, but she can hold my attention FULLY for the entire duration of her videos. Her palette is beyond amazing! (I ordered it for myself.) Plus, she inspires me. She has taken her makeup talents and has turned it into a major brand. (Not to say that the others did not.)


Mommy-Boss Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @Ellarie     Blog: MissEllarie     Youtube Channels: Ellarie and Yoshidoll

Why She’s a Favorite: The fact that she (and her daughter) post a lot of videos, I was automatically sold. I am a sucker for mother-daughter duos. (I am super close to my mom, and she was super close to her mom, and so on…) Moreso, I loved coming across her story of how she was able to take a loss and turn it into a win. As long as she has a channel, she will have me as a subscriber.

Diana Saldana

Not Just a Beauty Youtuber

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Instagram: @DianaChantel     Blog:     Youtube Channel: Diana Saldana

Why She’s a Favorite: I am a new subscriber to Diana’s channel. (When I look for people to follow, I like a variety of shades and ethnicities.) What I love most about her channel is that she does not only focus on makeup and beauty. She does more than makeup reviews and tutorials. She actually talks fashion, too. I love fashion and beauty, so her channel provides the perfect combination.

Who’s your favorite beauty youtuber(s)?

Let me know down in the comments below. Also, if you have not already, you should check out my review of Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner.

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