Its an unusual person who doesnt enjoy music. But did you know that music as well as being one of the pleasures of life, has tremendous health benefits? (Including, absolutely no calories)!

Here are just six amazing and maybe unexpected health advantages which you can achieve, simply by relaxing with your favorite sounds.

1. Music can relieve stress. Calming music has been used successfully to relieve anxiety in patients suffering from cancer, and in people waiting to undergo surgery, and recovering from major surgery. In fact, it has proved more successful in many cases than has medication. Music triggers the production of stress relieving chemicals in the body, acting as a natural calming influence.

2. Music can create a calm state of mind. Listening to slow music with a strong beat can induce a mental state very similar to that found in people who are expert at meditation. This has benefits in lowering blood pressure, in creating feelings of well-being, and in a generally improved state of mind. Music in conjunction with massage is a particularly powerful combination.

3. Music can boost the immune system. This is a especially amazing finding, but it is strongly backed by scientific research. Listening to music increases the bodys ability to fight off illness and disease, and music is being actively used as part of therapy to help people with compromised immune systems, such as those living with HIV and Aids.

4. Music can relieve depression. Perhaps surprisingly, its not the get up and dance or heavy rock style of music which works best (in fact, heavy metal music is thought to exacerbate depression), rather, classical music or solemn music is found to be the best depression fighter.

5. Music is a wonderful aid to fitness. Distinct from relieving depression, which is a clinical condition, music can simply cheer you up. Used when exercising, music can make you run harder, shoot baskets more accurately, lift heavier weights and simply put in more your physical effort.

6. Improve sleep quality. Listening to classical music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia in college students, making it a safe, cheap alternative to sleep-inducing meds [7].

Read the Study Here: Music improves sleep quality in students.