In the past few decades, the food we eat has changed in many ways, and one mother know this fact loud and clear recently in Cincinnati, after she discovered one of her son’s ice cream sandwiches that had been left outside.Women from Western Hills, Ohio named Christie Watson left out the Wal-Mart brand confection outside on an 80-degree day and were stunned to find out that the ice cream sandwich had not melted much at all despite been left out on the heat.

She was in doubt and left a second sandwich out overnight, she got the same result, according to the statement taken from WPCO-Cincinnati TV.

Although it was been left out for 12 hours the ice cream sandwich was not melted, she said.

Watson said that she looked at the box and noticed that the label didn’t say that was artificial ice cream, but the ingredients list confirmed that it had plenty of questionable artificial ingredients inside, as well as genetically modified ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil and more.

Wal-Mart responded to the report, saying that their ice cream contains less buttermilk, which you can see below, is causing the results.

However, the mother says she misses the good old days when ice cream was real and actually melted in the sun, as she would expect.

Now the question is “Is there something really wrong with Wal-Mart ice cream sandwiches?” And “What will happen when other brands are put to the test?”

Check out the video below for more: