Second TOE

People with long second toes are extraordinary leaders. They are dynamic and resourceful, and they always tend to finish their tasks on their own way, or they will not get finished at all. They don’t like bossy people.

Mothers in India aren’t letting their sons to marry girls with long second toe since they are considered as too bossy.

If you have small second toe doesn’t mean that you are a pushover. This means that you like harmony and you don’t rush through the situations.

Third TOE

The Chinese culture links the third toe with willpower. People with long third toe are considered as energetic and resourceful people, particularly while working.

The longer their toe is, the more successful they are. They are perfectionists and are capable to achieve everything with their determination and energy. They are workaholics and sometimes they forget about their family and friends.

People with short third toe are always trying to enjoy in their life. They are relaxed and don’t get too worry about everything. Some will say they are lazy, but they will always answer – ‘life is too short, enjoy it!’