YouTube never fails to provide us with endless amounts of inspiration, entertainment, and, well, whatever this is.

On the beauty front, it’s easy to get lost watching people sculpt cheekbones from thin air, turn themselves into Angelina Jolie, and deftly create the most intricate hairstyles. In honour of Braid Week, we’re highlighting the most jaw-dropping, downright mesmerising braid tutorials ahead for your viewing (and perhaps copying) pleasure. Elastics ready? Keep scrolling for the best braid tutorials on YouTube!

Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are all the rage right now (thanks, Kylie Jenner!), and we can’t help but watch transfixed as vlogger weaves her strands into two thick plaits.

Fish Hook Braid

The best part of this video? The end, when blogger  pulls apart and fattens the braid. So satisfying. (A sprinkle of Big Sexy Hair’s , £11, will help your braid reach its full potential.)

Box Braids

Blogger makes box braids look easy, and we can’t stop marveling at the stunning final result.

Halo Braid

This dreamy halo braid is perfect for those with longer hair, and it’s incredibly versatile; flaunt it at a wedding, at brunch, or even at a music festival.

Layered Braid

We have no words for this braid-within-a-braid-within-a-braid, except whoa. 

Mixed Milkmaid Braid

This intricate milkmaid braid mixes a fishtail braid with a traditional three-strand braid, and the results are mesmerising.

Infinity Braid

This infinity braid, also known as a Celtic knot, will have you totally transfixed. And we love that vlogger shows how to do it on her own strands.