Matcha-Infused Beauty Products to Go with Your Latte 


If your Instagram feeds are any indication, matcha is having a major moment. Along with serving as a highly photogenic beverage that gives you a jolt of caffeine that rivals any cup of coffee, matcha also offers major benefits. The Japanese tea known for its vibrant green hue is loaded with potent, but gentle antioxidents that also soothe redness, too. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite beauty products packed with the souped-up version of green tea.

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    How to make a sipping on a matcha latte even better: A matching face mask. Mix this matcha-based powder with two teaspoons of water and apply the creamy mask to improve skin tone and texture. 

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    Thanks to a cocktail of matcha green tea, vitamin C, aloe vera, and caffeine, these makeup-removing wipes not only save shed minutes off of your skincare routine, but also hydrate and protect skin from environmential toxins. 

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    Your nails could use some matcha love, too. Nails Inc’s line of polishes are enriched with the superfood powder to help boost moisture, and ultimately, your nails’ health. 

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    The essence of radiant, poreless skin? Matcha. Spritz this tea-infused spray on after your moisturizer to minimize large pores and get rid of dullness. 

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    This all-natural moisturizer nourishes dry skin and improves elasticity while protecting complexions against free radical damage. 

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