Talented Chique Beauty owner and home grown celebrity make-up artist, Masego Kunupi was born to flourish in the beauty industry. Her story is fascinating. Read on to find out more on our chat with at her beauty workshop which was held at Cedar Woods, Sandton.

It’s quite ironic how while growing up, other children would laugh at her because of her red “birthmark” sprawled across her nasal area and call her all sorts of names that were not so beautiful. Interestingly enough, even as a child, Masego chose to see the beauty in that experience.  The mark was caused by the doctor who delivered her while her mother was in labour – in fact, it was his thumbprint and over the years, it’s faded as she’s grown older. Thanks to social media filtering features, Masego can choose to easily remove it however as she says, “I absolutely love it! My father loved me unconditionally and he still does. He boosted my confidence and self-esteem so when other children were mean about it, I could laugh and crack jokes about it.”

Masego has done well for herself as entrepreneur. In December of 2016, her business Chique Beauty celebrated a milestone of six years. Miss Kunupi took to Instagram to share her a snapshot of her journey and to thank all those who have supported her through it all:

My baby @chiquebeauty_sa. turns 6!! Its been quite a journey! I’d like to thank those that have been my greatest supporters from day one! Those that betrayed me along the way and those that said I’d never make it past 2 years! You all played a significant role to who I am today!
God is and has been the foundation of this business, hence the building shakes at times, but but Never falls.
We see the hand of God in EVERYTHING we touch!
Thank you to my team, my friends and family who are ALWAYS there.❤ Thank you for supporting Black! Everyday we learn, everyday we grow!

Warmest Regards
CEO: Chique Beauty
Masego Kunupi

That is beautiful Masego – your dad is awesome! Tell us, how many beauty workshops do you have in a year?
It depends but it can be anything between four to six – depending on my schedule for that year. This year we had beauty workshops in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and two in Johannesburg.

Stunning! So what misconceptions have you encountered about women and their use or thoughts about makeup?
1. If you wear make-up then you’re fake
2. Make-up takes too much of one’s time
3. Make-up is too expensive

Interesting! Your number one make-up brand?
Definitely Krayolan! It’s used by make-up professionals for makeup required for intense photographic shoots and TV jobs. For day-to-day use or even bridal make-up I love MAC.

Excellent choices! What are your thoughts on skin lightening procedures?
Yho! Not in a bad way but I don’t trust them especially their after-effects as one ages over the years.

You make a valid point. Masego, what are your top 5 summer must-haves to keep in one’s handbag?
1. Mascara
2. Lip gloss
3. Powder
4. Sunscreen
5. A bottle of water

Fabulous! Thanks for your time Masego and all the best with your business. Ladies and gents, keep up with Masego on social media.