1. The ‘So Haute’ Smokey Eye

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Fear not, raccoon-eyes, time to become a total smoke show.

Let me let you in on a little secret: smokey eyes are not as hard as you think to achieve. Really. It’s smudged eyeshadow. You do that on accident every day. So, with a little guidance, you can smudge with purpose.

Think eye crease, smudge upward and outward…. eye crease, smudge upward and outward. It comes down to the right “smudging” brush and having the perfect, high-pigmented smokey shadow.

I live for (smokiest color: “Creep”), which comes with their “Good Karma” dual-sided Smokey-Mc-Smoke show brush.

Melt Cosmetics also has a super intense perfectly-smudgable shadow called . But this one doesn’t play around: it’s majorly intense, so use with caution and don’t get color-happy with this one.

2. The Play-Nice Neon Lip

makeup looks

Ready to steal the attention of every room you walk in to today? I’m talkin’ #AllTheRooms. Sounds like you could use the Play Nice Neon Lip.

I know, I know—you’re TERRIFIED of wearing bright makeup and think you’ll look like a clown. FALSE. You just need the right color.

Bonus tip: all-black-errythang attire works best with neon lips. Trust me, your lips will provide the perfect pop of color and will be all you need.

Plus, everyone will want to talk to you (cause you’re clearly the most confident girl in the room with that color choice—duh) and you might score a new friend. Or date…

3. The Kim K Contour

makeup looks

You know you want it. While everyone else is looking at her er… assets… all you see are those cheek bones coming from a mile away. Kim Kardashian’s staple contour. I know it’s intimidating and it feels like it could never be achieved, but I’m here to tell you, it could happen for you.

What’s the trick? Makeup lines like Kat Von D and Kevyn Aucoin have heard our [makeup] cry and sell step by step, couldn’t-be-easier-to-use contour kits. Doesn’t get any better than that.

These palettes have an incredible range of colors that look amazing on any skin tone, from light to dark. Finally: a situation where it’s ok to throw shade.

4. The Never-Go-Unnoticed Nude Lip

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The “Nood-Of-The-Year” award goes to liquified long-wear lipstick in “Melted Nude”. It compliments every skin tone and has a creamy, luscious look that won’t dry up and make your lips look all chapped, cracked and Chicago winter-like.

5. The Bold Bare Face

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This one might be my favorite. And quite possibly, the hardest. In case no one’s told you today, you’re beautiful. Yep you are. STOP LOOKING AROUND like this article is referring to the person next to you.

There is no greater feeling than being comfortable in your own skin. If you’re afraid to take the leap and go totally barefaced, keep handy. It’ll give you a no-show even glow.