Mix all these ingredients:

  • Juice of 3-4 lemons
  • 500 grams of crushed walnut core
  • 100 grams of aloe juice (Aloe arborescence)
  • 300 grams of honey

Important: The aloe plant must be older than 2-3 years.

You must leave at least 3-4leaves intact and only cut the larger lower or middle leaves. Remove the spikes from the leaves, and cut them into small pieces after washing the leaves with cooled boiled water. Using a juicer, squeeze the juice from the leaves. Refrigerate the washed leaves from 10-12 days and leave them on a plate and do not cut them immediately. ‘Biogenic simulator’ is formed in the cells of the aloe. Follow the procedure and wash the leaves again. The juice of aloe acute kidney disease, contraindicates in gastrointestinal tract, in inflammatory processes of female sexual organs, the last trimester of pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system in the state of decomposition and tuberculosis.

30 minutes before every meal this mixture should be consumed, 1 tablespoon three times a day. Until your vision improves it should be taken regularly. This recipe strengthens the whole body, aside of ‘sharpening your eyesight’, acting like a vitamin bomb.