The therapy we will present, has actually aided lots of people to strengthen their body immune system after experiencing some severe conditions.2

The secret of the wonder beverage

The healing green refreshment made from sprouts as well as wheat leaves is totally natural, it does not include chemical additives, shade, sugars and also chemicals. The key is in the wheat leaves healing residential properties, mostly in chlorophylls properties considering that it has the ability to enhance the blood with oxygen as well as protects against cancerous cells recreation. Physician Otto Heinrich Warburg gained Nobel Prize in 1931 since he succeeded to separate recovery residential properties and also learned their affect into lumps.

This marvelous and healing beverage contains greater than 300 enzymes. Amongst those 300 enzymes there are some uncommon ones which human beings posses when they are born, yet they disappear during the life because of undesirable diet, tension and also toxins. By eating this juice you will certainly be able to keep these lost enzymes which will help you enhance your entire immune system and also microorganism. Common wheat consists of vitamin B17 which destroys cancer cells. Nevertheless, you will certainly get this juices healing properties if you consume it either freshly prepared or frozen.

The best thing to do is freeze the juice once you have prepared it. Every morning put few ice juice cubes in a glass of water. Make sure you drink the beverage right away after the juice cubes have melt since the recovery residential properties will certainly be lost within an hour. If you consume this juice on a daily basis for one whole month you will be able to significantly improve your overall health.

English doctor Anne Vigmor was the first one to prepare and drink this beverage, more than a century earlier. Thanks to this drink she had the ability to treat colon cancer cells and live long life. Anne created great deals of publications about healthy and balanced life, treating cancer cells using fresh fruit and utilizing this incredible wheat. This juice could be prepared by any person considering that it does not require some special skills.

Melting ovarian and kidney cysts using this juice

Mash young green wheat leaves and squeeze their juice. Place the resulting juice in an ice cube mold and place the mold in the freezer. Prepare 72 ice cubes in order to have one dice for each day.

Put one ice juice cube in a glass of water as well as drink once the cube has melted. Do this in the mornings.

Wheat is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This extremely healthy and balanced juice is great for improving every organs health and work.

The best wheat is the one that has grown about 15 centimeters.

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