Knicks Starting Five: Hoping to stay healthy edition

Knicks Starting Five: Hoping to stay healthy edition



Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis speaks Friday morning before the Knicks faced the Toronto Raptors. Steve Popper/

Porzingis struggles give Knicks reality check

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5. I love LA

While Phil Jackson was publicly talking about trading Porzingis over the summer, the Knicks young star tweeted out an odd response — a tweet that read simply, “LA Clippers” followed by three smiling emojis. He immediately claimed he was hacked and explained as proof that he never uses that smiley face. He stuck to his story Sunday.

“I had no idea. I wish I had the answer,” Porzingis told reporters. “I was in Barcelona at that moment and one of my friends was like, ‘Yo, did you just tweet that?’ I was like, ‘It’s fake.’ Then, ‘Hold up, let me check on Twitter for sure. I checked Twitter and nothing was on Twitter because it was already deleted. Then I put in search, Porzingis, and that’s when everything showed up. I had no idea at all. I had both phones with me. Still until this day it’s a mystery what that was.”