Today man’s greatest burdens are stress, tension and anxiety. But you shouldn’t worry because every problem in this world seems to have solution.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It comes in a shape of single herb that is able to suppress the anxiety and lower your stress. You will have a little rest at last.

You may already presume that it’s a question of marijuana, but you are totally wrong. It is a question of bay leaf! Yes, it is true, a cheap bay leaf which will eliminate anxiety in just few minutes.

Gennady Malakhov is a Russian scientist who discovered that fragrant bay leaves have very positive effect on stress and anxiety. The bay laurel tree originates from the Mediterranean, and today it is more popular than ever. It is used for both, cooking and medicinal purposes.

Use some dry bay leaf and burn it on an ashtray. You should leave the room for 19 minutes and then come back. You will feel that the smoke became nice and fragrant changing the whole atmosphere in your room.

While burning, the bay leaf releases substances that promote positive flow of energy. Your stress will be gone while enjoying in this fragrant scent.

Breathe in deeply and relax your body and mind.