You must have asked yourself, is it safe to have intercourse while being pregnant? 

Don’t worry, it’s completely safe to have intercourse during your pregnancy. However, both your and your partner’s libido might change during your pregnancy, so feel free to talk about it with your partner. You must try and adapt to any situation.

Women can experience lack of interest due to the physical changes, fatigue and nausea. They can also have a low in the last trimester when the size of the fetus is increasing and is putting pressure on a lot of internal organs. Additionally, when you’re late in your pregnancy, reaching orgasm or even a simple intercourse could set off contraction (also known as Braxton Hicks contractions), but don’t be alarmed, that’s perfectly normal. Just lay down quietly or try your relaxations techniques and it will pass. 

You should avoid intercourse if during your pregnancy you have had any heavy bleeding or if your waters have broken, because this can increase the risk of getting an infection.

An intercourse may be safe during pregnancy, but it’s will not be that easy as before. It’s very probable that you might need to find some new, different positions. This can also help you to experiment together and to build a stronger relationship. Since your breasts will be tender and because of the bump, the missionary pose will be quite difficult and unpleasant. A deep penetration can also be uncomfortable early in the pregnancy. The best positions that are suggested during pregnancy are: the side-by-side position, the woman-on-top position and the rear-entry (doggy style) position.