Innovative Beauty Products of 2016

Innovative Beauty Products of 2016


10 Game-Changing Beauty Products That Made 2016 Better

December 30, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

There’s nothing wrong with the beauty products are a part of our current routines, in fact, we experience separation anxiety as soon as we use up their last drops. However, no matter how gimmicky, if there’s a new-and-improved version of an item we love that promises to make our lives easier, we’re up for trying it. 

From magnetic face masks to spray-paint nail polish, there were no shortage of game-changing beauty products that hit the market in 2016. We’ve rounded up the beauty products from this year that are pure genius.  

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    What’s more fun than the average face mask? A magnetic one. Dr. Brandt’s iron-based formula is activated by magnetic particles. After letting it sit for 10 minutes, glide the triangular magnet that comes with the kit over your face and watch the mask buildup gather. It’s equally as satisfying as pulling off your favorite pore strip. The aftermath leaves your skin smoother. softer, and with a healthy glow. 

    Dr. Brandt | $75

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    Leave your blotting papers at home. BeautyBlender’s washable and reusable alternative cuts excess oil and grease that builds up throughout the day without compromising your makeup. 

    Beauty Blender | $22

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    Selfie opportunities aside, Neutrogena’s LED light acne treatment mask actually works. Using lights to treat acne has long been available in dermotologists’ offices, but this affordable version gives you the option of doing it at home posted up with a glass of wine and Netflix. The mask uses both blue and red lights to kill acne-causing bacteria while minimizing the size and redness of current blemishes. 

    Neutrogena | $40

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    We don’t need to remind you again the importance of regularly cleaning your makeup brushes. Although it’s a tedious task, the drying time that comes with cleansing our tools is what really makes us avoid getting the job done. But, that’s all changed thanks to Sephora’s spray. No rinsing required, spritz your brushes and this quick-dry formula instantly refreshes and conditions them so you can use them right away. 

    Sephora | $14

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    If you’re like us, when you paint your nails, most of the polish ends up on your skin rather than your actual nail. This game-changing polish that works like spray paint aims to change this. Once you spray on the color and it dries, simply wash away the excess product from your skin and cuticles with warm, soapy water.

    Nails Inc. | $12

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    If you’re still using the same blow-dryer from high school, here’s a reason to finally upgrade. Dyson’s new dryer looks fancy and it has game-changing features. Along with temperture control that guarantees your strands will never succomb to heat damage, its equipped with a powerful airflow that cuts down drying time, and a 13-blade motor which takes the noise level to a frequency above our audible range. 

    Dyson | $399

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    Nail treatments and polishes usually don’t play nice, but Sally Hansen’s new polish line eliminates having to make the choice between healthy or colorful nails. Infused with argan, acai, and evening primrose-oils, the 38 shades all condition and hydrate your nails while providing a dose of color. Even better: No base coat is necessary. 

    Sally Hansen | $7

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    Achieving the perfect cat eye can take a lot of contortionism and trial-and-error before you get the line just right. That’s where Lancôme’s liner comes in. Its wand bends at a 35-degree angle and pivots in two directions so that you can pinpoint exactly where you want the liner to go on with a stable hand.  

    Lancome | $32

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    Going blonde in a matter of minutes? It is possible with the magic of Pravana’s new in-salon tool. The Blonde Wand resembles the average flat iron but its meant cut the time it takes to color hair and minimize the damage done by dye. Here’s how it works: First, a lightening cream is applied to the hair, then the highlights are placed in foils, and then glide the Blonde Wand over the foils. This way the heat isn’t directly touching your strands. No nine-hour appointment with your colorist required. 

    Pravana | $80

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    Falsies might seem like a good idea until the glue—and the lashes—get stuck on your hands as you’re trying the apply them. These lashes stay in place  with the help of magnets. Two half strips are sandwiched between your own lashes and then you pinch them so that the magnets catch and the falsies are set in place. Want them off? Simply slide the plates between your fingers to release the magnetic connection. 

    One Two Lash | $69

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