The residents of Flint, Michigan, faced dumbfounding news when they were told by state government officials that if they shut off their water, poisoned by lead, they are no longer supplying “running water” for their children and could be , an offense that could spur social services to take the children from the home.

It is dumbfounding because since 2014 the city of Flint has been fed toxic water from the Flint river in an effort for the state to save money.

Here is the conundrum explained, in three minutes

Residents have filed lawsuits requiring all water bills dating back to April, 2014 to be wiped clean. Most citizens believe they are not responsible for paying for toxic water.

Michigan’s attorney general believes it is an “outrage” that people are being made to pay for dangerous water and has announced that his office against the state. “I would certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water and if you can’t drink the bad water you shouldn’t pay for it,” he said.

40% of the residents of Flint live in poverty, making below $25,000 a year, and are relying on donated bottled water to survive.

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