After six years of taking care of her husband who suffered from a stroke she finally began to feel better, so Barb decided that it is time that she no longer looks so tired.

Barb is a proof that every woman needs only a little effort to look and more importantly, to feel much better! Her mother constantly told her that she looked tired, and it was the truth. After her husband suffered a stroke 6 years ago and he could not take care of himself, Barb has taken it upon herself to take care of him.

After all these years, she decided to do something for yourself and that she needed a new look.

For starters, I would not look like Im always tired. My husband feels much better, so it was my turn to feel better, Barb said, and after only a few small intervention she looked completely different rejuvenated, fresh and happy. With her new hairstyle and some make-up she became a brand new woman!