Let’s face it, being a student comes with the stereotype of being unhealthy and broke, but that’s just because people seem to think all students spend money on alcohol, take aways and microwaveable meals. If that is the case for you, let’s ditch the bad habits and jump on the healthy bandwagon this school year. I most probably sound like your mum or dad right now but, believe it or not, it will save you some cash and will also give you a lot more energy for those long study nights.

Microwave meals might seem like a good idea at the time as they are cheap, but you don’t get the goodness or the value for money you can get from buying and cooking big, with freshly ingredients.

Remember preparation is key to staying healthy, so next time you do your food shop, chuck in some Tupperware and start buying in bulk and making yourself enough food for the week all in one go. How about making it cheaper by splitting the cost with your housemates and then sharing the fun by cooking with each other?

Do you drink endless amounts of energy drinks to keep yourself up while finishing that 5000 word assignment? Well the key here is to keep yourself hydrated with enough water throughout the day and have a healthy snack every once in a while that is proven to boost your energy e.g. banana, nuts and beans.

Have a look at what kind of discounts are available. I’m not talking about getting 10% off at but more like getting discounts off brands to kick start your healthy Uni lifestyle. If you have a student (Unidays or NUS card) discount card experience getting money off well-known fitness brands like, MyProtien, Protein World and Muscle Food.

There will be plenty of chances to take part in exercise during your time spent at university, whether it’s a unison sports team, running club or sports centre. Have a look around as they will be easy to join and happy to have new faces on board. If getting hot and sweaty through sport isn’t for you, try walking to and from shops, campus and home rather than jumping on the bus to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kevin Kankam, Gym & Spa Supervisor, Woodberry Down

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