Salad plays a very important role in any meal. Doctors always advise to eat a healthy salad on daily basis, it may be vegetable salad, fruit salad, mixed salad, etc. Today in such a stressful life, healthy food is an essential phenomenon that provides multivitamins to our body. Eating healthy salad becomes necessary to run smoothly in the life. Eating healthy salad is a good habit that must be adopted by everyone and anyone. Salad is an amazing treat to the taste buds and people of some countries even do not sit on the dining tables, if salad is not accompanied in their meal. You can make variety of healthy and tasty salads, it is always advisable to accompany the nutritional and diet salad in your daily meal.

1.Salad contains various types of Vitamins, calcium, folic acids, fiber and phytonutrients that helps to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

2. It works great for the persons with diabetes and Vegetable salads keep weight down.

3. Salads contains a lot of fiber which ultimately helps in improving digestive health.

4. Sprouted salads keeps your nails strong and hair lustrous.

5. Fruit salads keeps the diseases away from our body.

6. If you are on diet, then eating different types of salad is best for you, it not only helps in reducing the weight but also brings glow on the face and gives energy to the body.

7. Green salads are extremely low in calories and helps to regulate metabolism in the body.

8. Almost every salad is fat-free and good for the skin and health.

9. Salads are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes that are vital for physical and mental health.

It is very important to have a habit of eating salads, especially for the mom’s. It’s because if mom are habitual to eat salad on daily basis, then kids will also like to eat it. Every mother must have the habit of serving the vibrant salads to their children, so that kids can attract towards it and love to eat them. Since from the childhood, kids must get the habit of eating variety of salads.
Each and every child must be aware about the importance of eating salads, they should be educated with enough knowledge to remain healthy for their long life


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