Common warts present warty changes on the exposed parts of the body. They are caused by the viruses that belong in papilloma group of viruses. The infection occurs with direct contact and rarely by indirect contact through some objects in the environment or auto-inoculation. The time of incubation lasts 1-18 months.Untitled

Warts are firm, with a size of legume, bean or pea. At the beginning they have the same color as the surrounding skin, while later they gain yellow-green color as a result of hyperkeratosis. Their surface is uneven and cracked. They can appear in groups or singly. Usually, around the emerged wart (primal wart) you can see new ones (satellite warts). The primal wart is always larger than the satellite warts. They appear usually on the dorsal side of the hands and the fingers, mostly in children and youngsters. Children who tend to nibble their nails can experience warts appearance under their nails- which are the most difficult ones to treat. They can cause permanent changes in the nails. The changes indicate tendency towards spontaneous disappearing. Anyway, even after the removal or the spontaneous disappearing, they can still reappear.

Ingredients required:

  • 100ml of alcoholic vinegar
  • Skin of 2 lemons (shredded)

Mix the ingredients and put the mixture in a jar. Leave it to stay for one week.

Apply the remedy on your warts several times a day. Few days later your warts will start to dry and fall off.

Eggshell Recipe:

In order to prepare this remedy you will need 2 organic eggs, cotton and sticking plaster. Heat the oven on 250 Degrees Celsius and bake the eggshells half an hour using a baking paper. Once the eggshells are cooled down, crush them well making a powder. Store the eggshell powder in some dry glass container with a lid. Apply the powder on each wart and cover it with cotton. Fix the cotton with sticking plaster. The plaster should stay for 2-3 weeks. Change the plaster with a new one once in every three days.

In addition you can learn how to cure your warts with apple cider vinegar from the following video: